Sunday, January 20, 2013

Please explain...?

As I drive my car around my local area being taxi to my kids and their social lives I have sometimes caught a glimpse of something strange on an electricity pole. Every time I pass it takes me by surprise and I make a mental note to stop and take a photo next time we are driving through. Is it a collection of something natural or man made? Giant Aussie moths? Or maybe some wacky art?

What do you think?

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  1. Wow, no guesses or ideas here. But it's really interesting. I'm interested to find out too.

  2. This may sound weird...but are they skulls of some sort? I really have no clue, but that was a first guess....

  3. I agree with Cheryl, it looks like someone catches animals of some sort and nails the skulls to a tree. Probably some kind of saurians or lizards? If this is true, it's gross!!!


  4. Very weird and in a funny way , interesting, I have no idea why or how etc .. I would knock on the door to the house near and see if they know anything :-)

  5. Fish heads???