Friday, January 25, 2013

Please explain, explained!

I  wrote earlier about passing a weird electricity pole in my area with what I thought were giant moths on it. Many of you guessed that it was some kind of animal or fish skull. One of my readers Anne even suggested I knock on the door to the house to ask. Now I am a shy person around people I don't know so knocking on a strangers door didn't appeal. Knocking on a strangers door who had a liking for hammering skulls on poles really didn't appeal! 

Instead next time we drove past I tried to bribe one of my kids to get out of the car and take a close up photo for me. No success there so I jumped out myself leaving the engine still running for a quick get-away!

I does appear to be a skull and my Aussie friends assure me that it is most likely a flat-head fish. 
So now we know the likely answer I shall ask you... Would you follow Anne's suggestion of knocking on the door for a more detailed explanation?  If so you are very welcome to stop by my house any day you fancy and I'll drop you around myself. (Just no promises I won't drive off in a panic if a mad lunatic answers the door with a hammer in his hand!)

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  1. So funny Gina, .. yes I suppose they could be mad lunatics .. LOL

  2. I think you have a hunter in your midst! A bone collector for sure!!

  3. Instead of asking the people yourself, go send a local newspaper person to write a report about it and read it later. ;)