Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Camera!

I have loved photography for many years. My point and shoot camera has been wonderful but I have secretly had lens envy when I see the great photos taken by friends with their SLR cameras. This Christmas Byron treated me to a beautiful new Canon SLR and I am in heaven! Nervous heaven I should say as I am petrified to get the camera out of the box in case I damage it or don't do it justice.

As the kids splashed in the pool and Byron sat relaxing and supervising I tiptoed out into the recently watered backyard. I took a few photos and tried to remember what the different settings were for. What I saw when I got back indoors were a whole heap of blurry images and the occasional beauty! Byron of course asked if I had read the manual? Manual? What manual? Manuals are for wimps. Well I suppose it wouldn't do any harm to flick through it.

I'm really looking forward to learning and experiencing a different level of photos over 2013...

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  1. Hi Gina, well done on the move up from a point and shoot camera, I have the same envy, but just scared to take the first step .. It is the settings and things that get me. Well done x

  2. Ooh, so exciting! The quality is so much better on those cameras and I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with it. I'm so jealous of my dad's DSLR - I'm secretly hoping I'll get a hand-me-down when he upgrades!

  3. Oh so fun. And don't be hard on yourself for bad pictures. I had a professional photographer tell me that the difference between a pro and an amatuer is that the amatuer shows all their pictures. In other words, thry both take pictures that don't turn out, you just never see the pros bad shots
    (I a, obviously an amatuer). I love the picture you posted. It's beautiful. And your talk of kids swimming makes me jealous. We are feeling super cooped up here with the cold weather and illnesses going on.

  4. Beautiful picture! Sounds like it is a wonderful gift--one that you will really enjoy! I can't wait to see more results :)

  5. How exciting! You're off to a good start. I've gone the other way - used to at least take photos on my point and shoot, now mostly on my iPhone! I need to get my camera out more often.

  6. I say ... forget the manual and just shoot shoot shoot! What a wonderful gift! Enjoy it!

  7. Oh yeah how exciting Gina. Have fun playing with your new camera I know you will:) x