Monday, January 21, 2013

Cup-Cake Masterclass Workshop

I was lucky enough to be invited along to a cup cake decorating class in Sydney this week. It was run by Cake Decorating Solutions. I went with my sister-in-law and her sister and mum. Another friend had originally been booked in too but couldn't make it so I was offered to join them. I wasn't sure what to expect. All I was told was bring an apron 
(which I forgot, ooops!) 

We found the building where the class was taking place and joined about another 15 ladies sitting down either side of a long table. We each had a white box with 6 chocolate cup-cakes ready to be decorated. As the teacher talked us through the steps of each cake she told us lots of basic tips and tricks for using butter-cream icing and fondant. 

She started with a basic "Mr Whippy" which essentially looked like an ice-cream. I would have liked a flake of chocolate to stick in the top! 
Next we used the same fluffy frosting with a different petal nozzle on the piping bag. This allowed us to apply individual petals all around the circle of the cake. Some managed to make  theirs look dainty and rose like. Mine just ended up looking like an oversized floppy chrysanthemum! 
Then we moved on to the fondant icing which I much preferred. At least with this I could squish and mould and start again until I got what I wanted. We used embossing rolling pins to leave pretty patterns on the fondant and could choose any colour to make a present or bow on top.
 Next was the baby face. A simple but fun decoration that would be great for a baby shower. 
Mine was a girl! (Did you guess?!)
 Then came the flower topped cake. I may have gone a bit overboard as I couldn't decide which size flower press to use and combined them all!
 The final decoration was probably my favourite. The ladybird. I loved this one. You really couldn't go wrong with the red and black fondant. I think this would be cute for a toddler birthday party, My sister-in-law seemed to enjoy making this one too and something tells me she may use it for a future party...
 Here are all mine together in their box ready for the 2 hour drive home.
 It was a long way to travel for just one class but it really was worth it. Apart from the fun decorating I also really enjoyed having a chance to spend some time laughing and chatting with these great ladies (without the distraction of lots of little kids running around our feet!)

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  1. Oh how fantastic! They look really professional. I've just been checking on their website. It looks great :) I might need to put this on my wishlist!

  2. And now I want cupcakes! :) These look fantastic...I loved all of your creations.

  3. I've also been bit by the cupcake bug... Hope mine turn out as well as yours!

  4. Great job!!! Those look yummy.

  5. What a fun, creative class to take! They look beautiful! You did a great job. :)

    Take Care,