Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Miso soup V Chocolate...

I am practising the art of extreme self control by sipping my miso soup from my favourite cup as the kids make cake pops from chocolate mud cake, smarties, white chocolate and coloured fondant.

I will stay strong.
I will stay strong.
I will stay strong...!

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  1. Impressive!! You should have told the kids to make something much more boring. Tofu and carrots, perhaps. Hope your cute teacup is helping your willpower!

  2. You've done well so far, Mrs B! You can do it!

  3. You go girl! Sounds like you are doing well so far! Good for you :)

    I wish that we didn't need food to survive because I think that I would do better to stop "cold turkey" (suddenly stop all food intake) than to have to just cut down on the amounts of food that I eat in order to lose weight.


  4. You can do it Gina!! I have lost 35lbs since September ... just cutting Carbs and Sugar! Smaller portions! "Nothing, and I mean NOTHING tastes as good as skinny FEELS!!" Ha... that may or may not be true but I heard it somewhere and I keep saying it to myself!!