Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cake Pops.

When I finished the Cup Cake Masterclass a few days ago the lady running it offered us to take home any unused coloured fondant as she would have to bin it because it had been handled. No-one seemed to take her up on the offer but I knew that I would have delighted kids if I brought some home. With no-one else wanting it I went away with a big bag filled to bursting with every colour of fondant under the sun. 

Yesterday we had a houseful of girls who wanted to bake. They rummaged through the recipe books before settling on a cake-pops book my good friend Cathy had sent me from England. When the basic cake pops had been formed and balanced on ice-cream cups out came the fondant! All afternoon they laughed and created and finally ate their colourful masterpieces.

A whole days entertainment from someone else's left overs that were otherwise heading for the bin. Now to go sweep up the hundreds and thousands that are rolling around the kitchen floor...!

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  1. Wow they look amazing! (All that with no e numbers!) Well done Gina at staying strong, I'm proud of you...everyone knows they look nicer than they taste...!?
    Lots of love Cathy x