Monday, February 03, 2014

03:02:14 5 Cent

A 5 cent coin found by Gareth as we crossed the road. Battered and dull. Worthless to most adults who drove over it. Gareth's eyes lit up when he looked closer at it and he noticed that it was minted on the year I was born. I wonder if back in 1973 my parents could have guessed at where I would live in the the future? 

As my children grow and I hear Sian talk about the possibilities of University courses, some in Newcastle and some further afield my heart aches a little. Part of me wants to keep her here, close to me as I am sure my parents would have said about their first born. And another part of me wants to let her stretch her wings and fly away to have adventures of her own and fill her life with experiences just like I have done. This coin may be getting a little worn around the edges, but the adventures it has had over the last 40 years could probably fill a book.

Would you rather shiny and perfect or a little ragged around the edges...?!

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  1. I would rather have a ragged coin , might have some history :-)

    My first born left home at 18 , now married with children of his own . He left home to join the Royal Air Force and if I had of had my way , I would of left home and left England , but no I had my first born .