Saturday, February 08, 2014

08:02:14 Dedicated to...

On a previous post about turning 40 I mentioned that I had been lucky enough to have the first edition of a novel dedicated to me. There is (as always) a story behind this!

I am a member of a book club called the "Old Ducks" We do lots of chatting but it tends to wander away from the book of the month and onto any subject we fancy. On one of the very first book club meetings I told the girls there about a childhood wish that one day I would have a book dedicated to me. I used to love opening up books and reading who's name the author had written inside the cover. As a child it seemed a reasonable idea that someday it might be me. As an adult I had realised that it was somewhat unlikely ever to happen.

Little did I know that within that small group of women was a budding author who only a few short years later would have completed her very first non-fiction book ready to publish. She paid to have a hard copy printed in August and I was so looking forward to actually seeing and holding it. When she collected me to bring me to my birthday dinner with friends she gave me my present to open.

It felt like a book... I stupidly found myself wondering what book it might be until the wrapping came away and I realised it must be the book! Her book! I was so excited I was squealing. Not as loudly as I squealed when I opened the front cover and saw the dedication!!!

Thank you my wonderful "Old Duck" friend. I cannot wait until your book gets publicly printed and ready to buy in the real world (only a few short weeks away) and I can blog more about it and tell everyone to go buy a copy!

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  1. Squeee!!! So exciting :-)