Sunday, February 16, 2014

16:02:14 Necklace

Co-incidentally this necklace also was my gift from this years Christmas girls night out with the same group of friends that yesterdays cup and saucer came from. You really never know what you might unwrap as you choose between tiny delicate packages and great big glossy boxes with bows on top! 

This year I was the lucky recipient of this handmade necklace. It comes with information saying that it is a once off item made with delicate paper and must not be allowed to get wet. I love that it isn't a mass produced item made overseas but is the result of someones time and passion. 

If the mystery friend who put this in the middle of the table would like to tell me where it was bought from I would be very happy to add a link to this blog post...

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  1. Beautiful , such a wonderful gift,

  2. This is gorgeous!!! What a beautiful gift!!! Wear it in good health!! xoxo

    ~ Wendy