Wednesday, February 05, 2014

05:02:14 Fitbit competitiveness

I love my gadgets. Last year as Byron and I were striving to get fit we treated ourselves to activity trackers from the FitBit range. (not a sponsored post friends! Just us buying each other something out of our hard earned cash!) You could argue that they are fancified pedometers and on one hand I would agree with you. If I was on a budget I could still aim for 10,000 steps a day on the basic pedometer we got free inside a cereal box a while back! However the overwhelming appeal about the FitBit flex that Byron bought me is the ability to be ridiculously competitive. By sharing our profiles with one another we can see on the app on our phones how well the other person is doing and we are automatically placed in a leader board against one another. It boils down to who is better than the other *cough, cough* she says from the top of the ladder! It also gives you feedback on how well you slept but I'm saving that screen shot for a future post!

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