Friday, June 09, 2006

Belly Dancing

It was Monicas 40th Birthday last week and we arranged a girls night out last night to celebrate. As Monica has recently started belly dancing classes we booked a table in a nearby Turkish restaurant. There was a real belly dancer there to entertain and one by one a few of us were dragged up to join her. It was great fun and judging from the quality of the improptu belly dances I think a few people have been having secret lessons!

After the meal we headed back to Monicas for some more champagne & dancing. It was well past midnight before I managed to drag the merrymakers out into the Baynham Taxi to head home.

When I was almost home I finally worked out what the annoying beeping sound from the car dash was, I had about 10km of fuel left. I thought it might be a good idea to top up the tank before Mr B saw it and flipped the lid. Being very close to pay day and feeling a bit skint I decided to put in $20 maximum. We were in a bit of a giggly mood and Anne Marie and myself found ourselves singing a duet next to the pump while Jane and Annette joined in the chorus from the open doors of the car. We were getting some very suspicious looks from the security guard at the door and before you know it we had put $87 in the tank, OUCH!!!!

It was a great night and I think we will have to arrange another one soon. Roll on the 22nd Julie!

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