Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mount Watagan

Today we went bush walking! It was the first day of good weather after a long week of rain and we were all needing to get out of the house for some fresh air. We followed friends along a small road up the side of the mountain and thanked God for the 4 wheel drive as we bumped and weaved along the narrow dirt track! It felt a bit like a rally driving race trying to keep up with Peters car. As we went around a twist in the road we often just got a glimpse of him disappearing around the next one!
It was well worth the drive as we arrived at a deserted picnic area miles from anywhere. The trees were so huge and tall that we felt dwarfed by them. Even the car looked tiny underneath them.

The kids had a ball exploring and clambering over rocks while we tucked in to our picnic.

We went on a 1 hour hike with the kids down some really narrow paths that were a bit hair raising to say the least! We finally got to what we were looking for: A beautiful water fall and rock pool.

After a rest we started the steep climb back up the path past all the huge trees and jungle vines. The kids thought it was such an amazing adventure! Surprisingly none of them got whingy or asked to be carried. Lucky for them because we were so out of breath we could barely walk ourselves!

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