Friday, June 16, 2006

Nashys visit!

We have just had a flying visit from Byrons work mate, Nashy!
Nashy and Claire are doing a whirlwind visit around New Zealand with a 3 night stay in Sydney. They got the train up to Toronto at lunchtime yesterday to stop with us for the night.

We collected them from the train with a huge picnic and drove straight to the lakeside in Toronto where we had two kid-free hours of laughing and chatting and generally catching up on the last year. Finally it was time to collect the kids, then we went back to the house to veg and catch up some more. Nashy hasn't changed a bit......well, unless you notice the super-sized side-burns and the longer hair, oh yes, I suppose the fact he had dyed it all midnight black!!!

We had a brilliant BBQ after the kids went to bed. It was freezing outside but Byron was determined to get us out on the deck to admire the stars. After 20mins of trying to light our outside citronella oil torches they finally burst into wonderful flames only for Mr B to announce he was chilly and we should move back indoors.....?!

A reasonable volume of alcohol was consumed..... Beer, wine, and Irish coffees. By 10 o'clock Nashy and Claire were struggling to keep their eyes open and Byron couldn't persuade them to try some of his favourite Wolfblass port. Probably not such a bad thing as we were all up at 6.30am trying to make the most of a short morning before the 10 o'clock train back to Sydney. We had a BBQ breakfast before doing the school run. There was just time for a quick drive around Rathmines to show them where we will be building the new house before dashing across town to the train station and saying goodbye.

Hopefully we will have tempted him with an idea of the Aussie lifestyle and we will be hearing about a return visit sometime soon.....

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