Monday, June 05, 2006

Pure Decadence!

What a weekend. I think my poor liver is in need of a holiday.

Friday was the usual glass of bubbly at tennis (although the way the weather is cooling down I think that we will be having to swap over to mulled wine soon)

Saturday was just the funniest night in ages. We put the kids to bed and had Peter and Julie over to watch a daft film- Bad Santa. Not for the kids, this film is all about a crook with a liking for whiskey and a dislike of kids and all things festive. It is peppered with some of the worst language ever and is all the better to watch if you have had a few drinks yourself! Fast forward through the red wine, multiple beers, Irish coffees and some of Byrons treasured single malt collection. By now you should be getting a feel for the type of evening it was.
Now picture this... It's gone midnight and Byron disappears for a few minutes. Finally he returns, staggering into the living room in a Santa suit, beard falling off, clutching a bottle of Laphroig! We could hardly breathe from laughing so hard!
Luckily we remembered the glass of rehydration salts before falling into bed and woke up feeling we had got off lightly!

On to Sunday... We had what was going to be a simple afternoon dinner with some other friends John and Tracy. I had decided not to drink much after Sat night but then Tracy got out the most decadent and trendy jar of hibiscus flowers and a bottle of chilled bubbly!
If you haven't seen these before they are fabulous syruped flower heads that you sit in the bottom of your glass then pour your bubbly on top and watch the flower slowly unfurl with the help of the bubbles....mmmmmm.

I promise to try harder this week!

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