Monday, June 19, 2006

Ode to Red Dragon

The following superb poem was written by Paul Connelly, who overheard our attempts to attach the boat to the trailer at the local jetty yesterday. Gina let out a yelp when the boat slid back into the water because the ratchet wasn't locked on to the winch....

Once upon a Sunday afternoon one wintertime
A man dids't go out walking with his brood, six short of nine.
And Lo did stroll this wise but youthful gent
with the perambulator to set the pace, lest too soon, all energy be spent.

And by the bay a whim did take our man with brood, six short of nine
"Lets alter course, North East, wheeled scouts and see the water fine".
And as the bend was rounded with speed behesting mayhem
Not that far as crows would fly, the gent did spy some Baynhams!

Upon the liquidsilver it sat poised like some aquatic demon
with its coat of red and its sting jet black it had its Mistress screamin!
"Why the scream" a young man asked his brood six short of nine.
"We'd best stay clear and well away. We'll take it as a sign."

So were left the Baynhams spied with their water monster tethered
and it be said that from whence were spied a bang up job was weathered.
Well done you welcome friends from shores far and away
You have a boat, you got it out and back again same day!

Any comments would be most welcome !

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