Friday, June 16, 2006

The Red Dragon has arrived!!!

We have a boat!!!

After months of research and deliberation we finally decided to buy a SeaRay 175. When we ordered it we were told to expect delivery of it sometime in August. You can imagine our excitement when we got a phone call telling us it had arrived from the US earlier than expected.
I brought the kids off to their Friday tennis lesson and Byron went off to the marina with a big fat cheque in his pocket and a grin on his face. An hour later (and after much persuasion) he drove past the courts with the car on the back so that we could share in the excitement. After bringing it safely home and a stomach churning reverse up a steep curved driveway he came back down to collect us. I had real trouble getting Byron to come back into the house and half expected to see him heading into the garage at bedtime with his duvet and pillow under his arm!

Here's looking forward to taking it out on the lake this weekend!

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