Sunday, September 10, 2006

Baby Cian

We had a fabulous day yesterday. We travelled down to Sydney to see baby Cian for the first time.

The kids were mesmerised.
He was so tiny and their hands kept creeping into the cot to stroke him gently.

Joe + Rhonda had not had a lot of rest the night before so we were hoping he would stay settled and sleeping for as long as possible so we wouldn't have to leave too soon.

In the end we had a good two hours which was more than we had hoped for. Joe and Rhonda were both looking well, if slightly tired.

I wanted to reassure them with soothing words like "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get a full nights sleep soon" but I'm a really bad liar! Sorry Joe, welcome to the real world!

Byron suggested having a few drinks with Joe to wet Cians head in good Irish tradition so I found myself with one less in the car on the way home and Byron caught a train back this morning.

It sounds like they made the most of Joes last night of freedom. Wandering home at some ungodly hour, stopping to admire the view of the Harbour bridge with a take-away curry in their hands.

Might be a while before they get to do that again!!!

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  1. congratulations from sunny swnsea !!!!!! hope youre al doing great !!! nice to see baby cian has brought some normal weather with him !!!!...... all our love and thoughts ...steve and family xxx