Saturday, September 30, 2006

Beanie kids

Our kids have joined in with an Australian/NewZealand craze of collecting "Beanie Kids"
They are essentially all small bean filled bears that are dressed differently, some as animals, some as dinosaurs, some as babies.

They are reasonably affordable at $10/£4 each. Generally they have to save about 3 weeks pocket money or wait until they get some birthday money. Here is their combined collection.

The local Beanie Kid shop had a special promotional day today with a visit from the Beanie Master.

Sian and Gareth were happy to pose for a photo with him but Rhiannonn couldn't be persuaded or bribed to go anywhere near him!

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  1. Glad to hear all okay and that your kitchen looks like mine. Went to a friends mum's 80th birthday celebration and got talking to her great niece (my friends cousin) who said they had just been to Australia. It transpires that they had been to visit some friends and i said as a joke "not called Byron and Gina are they" to which Josie and Steff replied that they were. Quite a small world eh!! So we spent the next hour talking about how good it all looks/is and what you were up to. Just returned to college from summer break so nose to grindstone and pressure and stress kicking in, plugging on till Xmas. Adam still at Overstone primary and not at all bothered by anything if it doesn't involve running, climbing, kicking or expending energy. he cannot understand what this reading, spelling and writing is all about. Nothing new there since nursery then. We e mail when I can. Keep up the good work, I really enjoy reading about your life and at least it keeps me up to date and gives me a background to life elsewhere. I even use some of your stuff (only factual anecdotes) in classes but I'm not paying you
    Lesley, Alan, Adam