Monday, September 25, 2006

Daily Grime.

Thanks to those of you who have left comments on the blog recently. One comment often made is that the good stuff goes up with no "grime" as Cathy put it! I don't often put up blogs about boring day-to-day housework etc but this one is especially for you Cathy!!!.......

Monday morning. 6.45 am. Alarm goes off like a jackhammer next to my ear. I wonder whos turn it is to make the morning cup of tea in bed. Get a kick from Byron and I guess that's my answer. Stumble out of bed and wander bleary eyed into kitchen. I know it's going to be one of those days. I have to leave the house at 8am for the school run then dash into Newcastle city centre through rush hour traffic for an appointment with the builder about the house. The rental house is for sale at the moment so has to be kept in good shape for viewings. There is one happening mid morning while I am out. I mentally go through the checklist of jobs to do before I leave at 8.... Make beds, tidy playroom, sweep floors, hoover bedrooms, run a cloth over bathrooms, bleach down the loos and mop kitchen floor. Oh damn! Forgot to make kids school lunches last night so got to do them as well. Kettle boils and I pour water onto tea bags in cups. Quick check of the email while the tea is brewing. Lovely! Josie and Cathy have left comments on the blog! That cheers me up a bit. "No daily grime" says Cathy?... I wander back into the kitchen to squeeze the tea bags and look around me. I wish she could see my kitchen this morning. Grab the camera. Cathy this photo is just for you!!! Hope it cheers you up and reassures you that although the sun might shine and there are parrots in the trees outside my kitchen window, the inside hasn't changed much!

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  1. hooray! gina is still human, and yes...the baynham family is not perfect. i was beginning to wonder ;-) your blogs are great, but this was a refreshing glimpse of reality!