Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Byron and myself went out for lunch today trying to make the most of being childfree (Girls were in school and Gar was in Carey-Bay pre-school) We had a really relaxing picnic down by the lake and got home at 1pm feeling calm and serene.......Not for long!!!

As we parked on the driveway we could see a bee inside one of the bedroom windows trying to get out. Byron said he would squash it before it ended up stinging one of the kids. When we got in the house we found more bees, lots! there was a large number of bees swarming outside our en-suite bathroom window.

Somehow some of these bees had got into the house, but how? A few minutes later we had our answer. We watched them wriggling out of the ceiling light fittings and the extractor fans....Aaarggghhhhh!!!!! It was like something out of a scary movie! Time to ring the exterminators!

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