Thursday, September 21, 2006

Comments please!

Thank you to all of our friends and family who have left comments on our blog. I know it is a bit hard to figure out how to do it but we really really appreciate them. We update the blog regularly with lots of little stories to try to keep in touch with you since our move down under. It is not a substitute for more individual and personalised emails, but sometimes by the time we have our next email or phone call we forget the smaller details of day to day things that we try to capture here on the blog.

When we get comments left for us it reinforces that you are reading it and gives us the motivation to keep updating it. I have heard back from a few people that they have tried to leave comments and it has failed, so we thought we would try to present you with a dummies guide to it. Hopefully you will find that if you manage it once then the next time will be a piece of cake!

We have also enabled a form of safe-guard against unwanted comments which means that when you press "Publish your Comment" we get an email with your comment in it. When we have read it we get a chance to publish or reject it and this keeps it a bit safer. So be patient if you leave a comment. With the time difference it often takes a few hours for us to read the email. If you check back the next day it is very likely that your comment will have been published by then.

Right then! Now you know what to do, What are you waiting for???
If you need a bit of motivation, how about the Baynham Club Card?
For anyone planning to visit us at any point in the future you can start building up credit points towards your stay. These points can only be earned by leaving comments on The Baynham Blog and can be redeemed for many treats such as...

- Glass of wine at the end of a long day at the beach.
- First choice of runny eggs off the barbie on a Saturday morning.
- Free refills of Irish Coffee
- First dibs on the best seat in the hot-tub!!!

Get those fingers tapping on your keyboards.... You know you want to!!!

Here are the instructions, click the picture to see it in a larger format.

P.S. When you've entered your comments, press the Publish Your Comment button....

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  1. If I can send a comment, anyone can|

  2. hi, well if you had given incentives before you know how motivated I am by points make prizes! We love the blog, but know its a pr job without all the daily grime! (Which I personally miss!!)

  3. Loving the blog and love to see what the baynhams are getting up to!! Happy days - keep it coming. Baynham clubcard points for barbie brekkie please. (Already experienced 1) Yum Yum