Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gareth "The Provider"

Gareth has had a great day today. After we dropped Sian and Rhiannon to school he decided he wanted to go fishing. It was the first day in ages that it hasn't been pouring rain so I got the fishing rod, bait and bucket and packed up the car.

Gar was given a pocket knife last week by Kel which he is really proud of. Kel blunted the blades to make it safe(?) Gar asked if he could bring it with him. We spent an hour on a local jetty using whitebait and squid and before long Gareth caught a small Taylor fish about 6" long. He was so excited and asked if we could cook it for tea. He caught another slightly smaller one and we headed home very smelly but happy.

We called in to show Kel and make sure that the type of fish was edible. Kel used Gareths pocket knife to de-scale the fish and then helped to fillet them ready for tonights tea. Gar helped to coat the four tiny fillets in flour and fried them with me. He scoffed them down and was so proud to have caught his own tea!

Not bad for a three year old!

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  1. Well done Gareth you'll have to show us how you do it when we see you next year.

  2. Good work, you'll have to show your Dad how to do it now!