Monday, August 30, 2010

Bye Bye Baby....

Rhiannon is gone to camp. A rite of passage for all Aussie kids in year 5. You pack them up and then send them off into the bush with a couple of teachers for two nights and hope they return...

The kids seem remarkably unperturbed by the whole idea. The Mums wring their hands nervously and repeat unnecessary information to the teachers over and over. The teachers smile and nod reassuringly and repeat how they haven't lost a single child...yet...

The concerned mothers dab their eyes and look mournful as the bus pulls away. The other ones wave at the departing bus then race off to the local cafe for a cappuccino with an extra shot of juicy gossip! Which was I ?

Clue: I sent Sian off two years ago and had her return dirty but alive and happy. I have no worries that we will pick up a similarly happy Rhiannon on Wednesday. Yes, that coffee was great!

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  1. I bet the coffee was is a little easier to relax once you have been there and done that. :)

  2. Oh, ours went to camp when they were that age, too! Parents were so worried...what if it rains? What if they don't like the food? The kids almost all had smiles like yours...when they left AND when they returned.


  3. Ha... coffee for sure!! We did bloody mary's on the tree lawn!!