Sunday, August 01, 2010

Love and Hate

I love my kids.
I love them playing sport
I love seeing Sian swim like a dolphin length after length on Monday afternoons.
I love seeing Gar and Rhiannon getting muddy on a rugby pitch.
I hate the driving them everywhere to practise and and matches.
I hate when my alarm clock goes off at 7am on a weekend morning. That's when I bury my head under my pillow and wish my kids were couch potatoes. That they were un-sporty and unhealthy. That they played chess or read encyclopaedias for fun.

But then we get out of the car and find ourselves standing in the middle of the Hunter Valley. Blue sky, crisp cold air and a scattering of families getting out of their cars. Little kids in Rugby strips running around full of excitement. That's when I decide it is worth it.

When the match is over and knees are muddy we walk across to the Hunter Valley Chocolate Shop for a coffee and around the corner to The British Lolly Shop so the kids can choose a bag of sweets. Other families jostle and oooh and aaagh inside the shop at all the colourful choices.

And then an offer from another Mum to take a photo of our family all together. 5 smiling Baynhams in the same frame. A rare treat!

Ok, I love it really!

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  1. What a treat for me... I get to see your lovely family all together. Beautiful Gina! What a cute, cute family! Ugh... I remember all the running around too! It is so worth it in the end. I had one more to run than you... it was crazy... wait till you have to split it up-hubby takes one - you take one and then you have to ask friends to help too!! Have fun and enjoy it all! Keep smiling!

  2. So this is the family!?!? Beautiful and perfect, just like I imagined. Looking through my own pictures, very rarely are we all in it. It's usually my husband who is left out. Most of the time, the children aren't even looking. One day, when they're older, I hope to have pictures of us smiling...ALL of us in one picture.

    The candy store looks like heaven.

  3. Hi Gina,
    I havent started the kid's sport yet as they are too young but my time will come.
    Also, i hear on the grapevine that Karen is off to Bali again. Does that girl ever NOT go on holidays LOL.
    Belinda :-)

  4. Sorry you haven't heard from me in ages. 7 AM on a weekend definatly does not sound like fun. But, that's great that you kids are so active. And that chocolate shop looks so fun.

  5. What a beautiful picture! And I know what you mean about the running around. I remember having 3 in soccer. I thought it would do me in!

  6. What I enjoy so much about your blog is the wonderful, vivid descriptions you give - we haven't yet hit the weekend comitments for the kids, but I am looking forward to it! :)

  7. What a lovely family!
    I would not like my alarm going off at 7am on a weekend either.

  8. What a lovely family photo!! We're in the midst of our "down time" here and enjoying summer vacation. If the baby is kind and goes back to sleep after her early morning feeding I get a few extra zzzzzz's!! It's so hard to believe it's August already. July is usually the slow summer month but has come and gone so quickly this year so this month will probably be zooming by and then it's back to hustle and bustle!! BLAH!!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  9. I love your family photo...just fabulous!!

  10. Love that family photo! You all looks so happy!