Thursday, August 05, 2010

Chocolate coated smiles!

After a good nights sleep our Japanese girls are feeling right at home. They went to school with Sian today and travelled home on the school bus.

It is Byron's birthday tomorrow so when they came home we decided to make a mess in the kitchen and bake a cake for him. A few months ago Byron was telling the kids stories from his childhood. One story he told them was about the great cakes he remembers having on his birthdays. One in particular was a castle made with chocolate finger biscuits.

Today we tried to re-create a similar one. We made a huge mess and it was a real ice-breaker. The icing bag exploded at one point and all formalities went out the window as we tried to rescue the icing from pouring on the table and get the chocolate fingers to stick on the cake!

Here is a fun snapshot to make you feel like you were with us, feet sticking to the icing on the kitchen floor and sprinkles crunching underfoot!

Now to go tidy up the mess....

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  1. I love this! There's nothing like chocolate and baking together! (But no photos of the icing-explosion?!)