Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm not a big nail person. I work as a nurse where you cannot have nails longer than the pad of skin on your fingers and nail varnish is forbidden because it contains sugars that support bacterial growth blah-blah-blah. Also I have naturally short stubby nails that refuse to grow long so I just leave them as they are.

When a friend gave me a manicure as a gift to say Thank-you for something recently I didn't know when to redeem it. It sat in a drawer and went out of date. I felt awful when I realised it and rang the salon and asked if they would extend it. They told me no problem, just book in that week. So I did!

I went off to the salon after I dropped the kids to school on a recent Friday that I wasn't working. I never knew there were so many things that could be done to my hands. Over the next 90minutes I was soaked and ex-foliated, buffed and shaped and massaged into hand heaven! Towards the end I was asked would I like my nails varnished. I was handed a colour wheel of glossy choice and chose a daring red. I once heard that Rolls Royce hand paint their cars with 722 layers of paint (I exaggerate, it's probably 5!) Well my nails felt like a car showroom by the time I left. There was a base coat then two layers of colour, then a topcoat. I felt glamorous and gorgeous for about 24 hours and even went shopping and pretended to try on trendy bling.

That's when I noticed the first chips. My Rolls Royce was falling apart. By that evening I admitted defeat and got out the nail varnish remover. It was fun while it lasted but I can't help thinking it must be a hard life being gorgeous all the time. Too high maintanance for my liking. I'll leave you with an appropriate bad joke...

"How do you hid an elephant in a cherry tree?" 
"Paint his toe nails red!"

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  1. Years ago, I tried expensive fake nails for a special black tie event with a man I was dating at the time. I knew he like women who were glamorous and always in high fashion. As I said, I only did it once. It was like playing dress-up and totally not me. Plus it made my nails feel like they were suffocating which pretty much describes any relationship where you are not accepted for who you really are.

    Still, it's nice to treat yourself to a manicure sometimes only now I skip the polish.

  2. I don't have long nails either ~ I use the keyboard in my position frequently and it slows me down when my nails get above the pad on my finger. I like the look of painted nails, but then like you, the chips appear and it just looks bad to me. I did love the manicure I once got but the only thing better than a manicure is a pedicure in my book! :)

  3. It's quite amazing that a pedicure can last for weeks but a manicure always falls apart on day one. I often wonder if the women with beautiful nails never use their hands. What a boring life that must be.

  4. I am like you, never get my nails done! Maybe once a year on the toes...but I love that you did it, love the pics, and that color...wow!

    Back to reality, I guess!

  5. LOVE THE RING!! Did you buy it??

  6. Didn't buy it Diana! I can't imagine wearing it during my normal day to day but it was fun to try on!!!

  7. Ugh. I like to say I got out of modeling because of the manicures, and it's partly true.

    I didn't really care for all the sitting around and fumes ... but I'm a HUGE klutz, so whenever I'd get one, they'd be chipped within 10 minutes.

    I needed more money for manicures than I could make in a week. Ha.