Friday, August 06, 2010

Cruisin' !

The girls are heading off on a day trip to spend the morning on a Dolphin cruise. I have begged them to dress warm as I know it will be cold out on the sea but they all insist they are fine. 
They have their packed lunches and drinks and some chocolate caramel koalas to give them energy if they do too much shivering!
They left an hour ago and the house seems so quiet...

P.S; To Miwa and Kumi. Thank you for your lovely comments. 
I promise I am looking after your precious little Akari! 
And to Mana's parents Kazuko and Tadashi. She is so lovely. Can we keep her please?!

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  1. They are adorable!! I missed the first post about you expecting two students, and here they are! So I went back and caught up. We hosted an Austrian boy last fall, and my own son was in Germany on an exchange this time last summer. Such a wonderful thing to experience, and I will do it again for my daughter when she's older!

  2. They are all so adorable. I hope they take lots of pictures of the dolphins for you to share. How fun!!