Monday, August 16, 2010

Decisions Decisions....

It's my birthday later on this week. We went shopping at the weekend and wandered around lots of different stores with the aim of finding me a present from Byron and the kids.

I couldn't think of anything I wanted. I had a blank brain. The shops were busy and all around me were shelves of "stuff". Dare I say it was almost overwhelming. I stood in the middle of the shiny department store surrounded by tempting displays, modern lighting and eager sales staff and told Byron I really couldn't think of anything I wanted.

Even as I said it I realised it sounded crazy. Gina, the former shopaholic. If Cathy or Josie, my former shopping buddies from the UK could have been there they would have slapped me sharply across the face and waved smelling salts beneath my nostrils.I felt a strange Zen calmness as I thought about how I had Byron and the kids, my health, a beautiful house and all the material possessions I could need. I thought that this must be what you feel like when you meditate deeply and smell incense for long periods of time. Happy, weightless, full of  goodwill to all men....

And then Byron got all masterful and realistic. He told me to hurry up, snap out of it and chose something or I would have no wrapped parcel on my birthday morning in a few days time. He reminded me of two things I had hinted at over the last few weeks.

One was a hot pink electrical device which zapped the hairs on your legs and promised that with regular use and multiple new blades that the hair growth would reduce to 30% (ish)

The other was a fire-engine red electrical device that would sit on my kitchen counter and promised to help me to make cakes, bread, anything that required mixing or kneading.

He told me to hurry up and chose one so he could buy it and we could go home.

I deliberated and agonised and finally decided to hand over the decision to the kids. I sat down cross legged on the shiny marble tiled floor and informed them that they could choose. They could have a Mum with smooth hair-free legs who never baked and therefore stuck to her healthy eating regime.

Or a Mum with hairy legs who baked cakes and cookies every day and got plumper by the month. One chose the smooth hair-free version, the other two chose the hairy baker. The shops were closing in 5 minutes.

Which would you have chosen...?!

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  1. I would have chosen the mixer and bake with my children while they are still home in the nest. When the nest is empty, you can have hairless legs and many memories of baking with your children.

  2. The mixer..I lust after them each and every time I pass one in the store! :)

  3. Oh so the MIXER!! What will you get?? Happy up coming Birthday Gina!

  4. The mixer. I have wanted one for about 10 years. With the mixer you can make the most amazing marshmellows.

  5. Of the two items ...the mixer, but I'd probably want another camera instead. A Canon G11. I'll be interested to see what you get on your birthday.

  6. Hairy baker...DEFINITELY hairy baker. I have the mixer (stainless, though...not the lovely red) and I LOVE it. Those hair removal gadgets don't work anyway.

  7. The mixer, the mixer, the mixer!

    Besides, you can make all kinds of healthy things with a mixer! Like, um, bran muffins!

    But you enjoy your smooth legs. Sigh ...

  8. I think you made the right choice. Kitchen-aides are heavenly. Enjoy all your yummy goodies.

  9. Oooh I would pick the mixer, I would love one of those and it would match my kitchen but it costs about a million euro over here!! Hope you have a lovely birthday and isn't it great that you are so grateful for what you have already, good on ya. Best wishes Gina.