Saturday, July 02, 2011

Captain Gareth!

This mornings Rugby match was an early start but only to our local grounds as the Under 10's played at home. We arrived at 8.30am and there was a heavy fog misting over the rugby grounds.

The boys ran around enjoying the spooky chill and excitedly discussing how they would use the fog to trick the opposing team and win the game with lots of unexpected trys. Gareth was chosen to be the captain today and he visibly swelled with pride. The have not had much success as a team this season and had not won any of their matches so far. Many of the boys on the other teams are physically much larger and just flatten them like steam-rollers in the tackles and scrums. Today's opponents were physically much more evenly matched and it looked like our boys had a fighting chance.

For the first time ever they scored try after try and we gloated and told anyone and everyone that it was because our boy was captain! The fog made the atmosphere magic but before long the sun shone and melted the mist away.

Gareth's team won the day 41-19 and he ran off the pitch over the moon.
Well done Captain Gar! You officially have a 100% success rate!

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  1. What a lovely post, Gareth can also be happy that his Mom is so full of love for him. May I suggest that you keep a copy of this post? He will cherish it when he wil be a grown man.

  2. Hooray! That's an incredible win! And congratulations to your little captain!