Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why I love bloggers

I absolutely love bloggers. 

I never dreamt as I began writing my own blog that it would lead me to so many other wonderful, talented, funny and amazing women. If you are reading this consider yourself part of this great collection of women.

If you're a bloke then consider yourself privileged to be looking in from the side-lines. 

Today I will give you a prime example of how blogging has enhanced my life and the lives of my kids. 

The example is Tammi

If Tammi didn't read Bianca's blog then she would not have seen Bianca's idea for chocolate marshmallow stirring sticks. Then Tammi wouldn't have blogged about her own version earlier this week. My head would not have swum with visions of making my own. I would not have run around Woolies buying a block of dark chocolate after work today and my kids would not have had fun making their own versions after they jumped off the school bus. 

Maybe if none of these blogs existed my kids would have lined up their schoolbags by the front door and done their homework and I would have made dinner and tidied up afterwards. 

Tomorrow none of us would wake to up last minute "Where is my uniform" chaos and we would eat breakfast in a spotlessly clean kitchen.

But hey, what kind of a life would that be...?!

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  1. Oooh those look yummy. I may have to try that. And pint yourself among the beautiful, intelligent, and talented women bloggers.

  2. How super do your's look on those green sticks...and the strawberries finish them off nicely :)
    It's a great community isn't it?


  3. Love them! And the strawberries too, great on the side!

  4. You are absolutely right, bloggers are a comunity that offer a lot in many ways.
    I learned several new tricks on line, I am being entertained and in general my creativity is kindled.
    But I also found a lot of humanity, moving shares, words of wisdom. I feel that I am a better woman and that my potential is enhanced by what intelligent women bring me through their posts.

  5. They do look very tasty, I know they wouldn't last long here. I must give these a try on the weekend for dessert. I do love blogging. I love the inspiration that it gives you and for the friendships made. Have a great week Gina.:)

  6. I love blogland, too, Gina!! I've met so many wonderful people and I adore seeing glimpses of their lives. I look at everything as an opportunity to write a blog and take lots more pictures. Your photo is making me hungry, by the way!!! :)

    ~ Wendy