Friday, July 15, 2011

Worth getting out of bed for!

Last week Byron woke with a yell. He had just remembered that a colleague was retiring. A colleague who was born in Wales and loved Welsh Baking. He had thought it would be a lovely idea to ask me to make some Welsh Cakes to bring in but had not actually told me until that moment. It was 6.30am so I cursed Byron and his lack of advance warning and shrugged on a dressing gown and headed downstairs to get baking. 

I could not find my Welsh Cake recipe anywhere. My brain hadn't caught up with my body. I turned to the world of blogging and searched a friends blog "A Welsh Girl In Australia" for a recipe she had posted in March for St Davids Day. Thank you so much Beth, you were a life saver! 

In the kitchen when I was up to my elbows in flour and butter my mobile rang. It was Byron asking me what I was doing and telling me not to worry. Too late for that I carried on. 

An hour later Byron left for work with a plate piled high with warm Welsh Cakes and left me standing in a trashed kitchen. He sent me a text later that day telling me how happy his colleague Huw looked when he saw the cakes, and the card that I had made with the recipe inside. Hearing that made me glad that I had got out of bed and made the effort. 

This week Byron sent me another text. It was a photo text showing me a beautiful flower arrangement that had been delivered to his work thanking me for the baking. Now that was completely unnecessary but definitely worth getting out of bed for!

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  1. I discovered on Wednesday that I work several doors up from your home... so i'll be popping in for some fabulous cooking soon lol

  2. Just beautiful!! Wow! Your cooking must have been wonderful!

  3. You are the best Gina... Byron perhaps owes you some flowers too!

  4. A very nice gesture...cookies and flowers are the shortest way into everybody's heart!

  5. How lovely Gina. I'm so glad that the Welshcakes were appreciated. We finished the last bag from the freezer this weekend (the last bag of slighlty burnt ones that I couldn't give to the school fete to sell!)