Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hunter Wetlands

If you read the recent post about Tommy the Turtle you will know that we had a really great family day out recently at the Hunter Wetlands. We had signed up for a daily "Special offer" email and one day we had the chance to buy a family entry pass to the Wetlands for $11.50. On signing up Byron had been given a $10 credit to his account so we only paid $1.50 on our credit card to buy the voucher!

We packed a picnic and rugged up warm as it was quite a chilly winters day. The cold seemed to keep the visitors away and we felt as though we had the place to ourselves.
We walked and pond dipped, ate and ran wild through the adventure playground. 
We had a snake encounter and because there were relatively few people there wanting a look my lovely Mr B and three kids had the dubious pleasure of having Basil the Diamond Python curl around their necks while his eccentric keeper talked to us about Basil and his fellow snakes.
I've never really been a snake person and really don't understand why people would chose to have them as pets in their home but dare I say it, Basil was actually verging on affectionate. Lock me up and throw away the key. The cold must have been interfering with my brain function!

Will we go back? I think it's fair to say we had good family time there and we will return. Although maybe on a slightly warmer day!

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  1. I love the last picture~ what fun family fun!

  2. Yesterday I found an old photo book that I hadn't opned in years. There were photos of 20 years ago, my children were small and the last one was not yet born. This post makes me think how sweet it will be in 20 years for you to look at the shots of this fabulous day.