Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Young and old

My oldest girl Sian is 13 and getting more and more gorgeous everyday. As she grows up I see her change. She is getting taller and has her own taste in clothes and music. Not always the same as mine but that's normal! One thing she loves are Converse style lace up canvas shoes and boots. It surprised her to know that when I was her age I bought a pair of red Converse shoes in the market of a small French town we were travelling through on my summer holidays. I wore those shoes every day that summer until they were worn out and had to be forcibly removed from me and thrown out.

When we were walking along a local jetty this week I begged her to stop and let me take a photo of her feet with my phone. She reluctantly obliged while muttering about her mad mother.

I think there is something timeless about these young fresh shoes and the worn and aged wooden timbers of the jetty.

Kind of like my gorgeous young vibrant Sian and poor haggard me!

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  1. My lovely Miss Meg (aged 7 and 1 week!) got her first pair of Bubblegum pink Converse shoes this week. Half price in DJ's then a further discount as one was very slightly more faded than the other! Bargain! Mine used to be Bubblegum pink but are now a rather grubby, peelly-wally pink! We all love our Converse in this house but I miss the prices from Costco in the UK - fab bargains to be had.

  2. There is nothing like a good pair of converse shoes! Tegan's whole wedding party wore them, including Sarah and Molly, the flowergirls! I even sported a pair of high top converse for our mother son dance~ it made him laugh to see such a site! You are beautiful Gina... Sian gets it all from YOU!

  3. You inspired me! I've linked to you - hope you don't mind!
    Sandra x

  4. Converse...wait, it's taking me back... at least for a moment.
    ~ Mona : )
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  5. I love this image! My daughters wore the Converse shoes when they were probably your daughter's age.

  6. I enjoyed your comments about your changing daughters. It is with some amazement that we see them growing into adults with their own personalities. This I feel is another gift for the parents, witnessing the transforamtion.

  7. I think it's kind of cute to hear how similar you both sound as teenagers, sometimes they find it hard to imagine us young it's nice to be able to relate in different ways. I don't mind wearing converse shoes either. x