Sunday, July 17, 2011

Simple fun.

The local park. You just can't beat it. You don't need to travel far. It's free. It's good for the kids. It has benches for Mums to sit back and catch up on reading their favourite blogs watch their kids!

Some of our best holiday moments are the spontaneous days where you end up at the park. Sometimes with friends, sometimes just yourselves. One day this holidays when we had finished some boring chores in the local town the kids asked if we could walk a bit further down the street. We walked passed the cafes and the shops and around the corner until there was nowhere left to go. Nowhere but the park or turn back to find the car. It was cold and brisk but the sun was shining and when Gareth and Rhiannon wanted 5 minutes playing I was happy to let them burn off some energy.

Sian and I found a sheltered bench and sat and soaked up some sunshine. Before I knew it 2 hours had passed and Sian reminded me that I had parked in a 1 hour spot. Aaargghhh! Luckily Sian is old enough to supervise her younger siblings so I ran back up the street and moved my ticket-less (Thank you God!) car into a space just beside the playground. The kids kept trying to get me to go on the playground equipment with them I kept politely declining. Who wants to be laughed and pointed at by the other sensible mums? I waited till the coast was clear and the playground was adult free and scaled up the orange spider-web pyramid to the squeals of Gareth and Rhiannon. 

Oh to be a kid with not a worry in the world. For a few sweet moments I closed my eyes and pretended I was 10 again. Eyes back open, I quickly snapped out of it and shimmied down again and returned to my normal mother pose on the bench. 

Next time I'm going to go on the swings!

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  1. Good on you Gina, it looks like you (all) had great fun! Up until a couple of months ago I was still enjoying a good slide on the slippery dip!

    That looks like a good playground for the older kids. We've been there a couple of times, mainly for the swings, and I always end up with sand in my shoes :-)

  2. My kids love that play park! I like that it's not so big that I lose them ! Aren't we lucky to live somewhere that kids are provided so well for?
    Sandra x