Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dear Woolworths

Dear Woolworths,

My New Years resolution this year was to be organised and efficient. I planned a weekly on-line shop that would leave me free to blitz the house on a Monday morning top to bottom and then have you turn up at my door with the perfect amount of groceries for the coming week. Menu planning here we come. No more running out of nut-free-dairy-free-egg-free-taste-free school sandwich fillers. No more realising we are out of milk as the kettle is boiling for a much needed cuppa.

Today you helped make that dream a little bit more of a reality and I feel the need to say a very genuine Thank-you.

Today I sent all three kids to school for the first time since school broke up 6 long weeks ago. I fully intended on getting out the rubber gloves but got sidetracked by a funny video on Facebook. Then I replied to some emails, had a cuppa and read a few blogs. You were scheduled to deliver anytime from 10-1pm. It surprised me when you knocked on the door at 10.30 and brought my shopping all the way into my kitchen for me! A fine strapping employee if I might say so. Being a happily married woman I appreciated the attempt to brighten my day but truly, I am happy for you to let him deliver to the young single ladies out there, I quite like the lady who sometimes comes and chats about kids, weather and housework (I'm getting old and boring I think...)

I checked the items off the list as I unpacked and it gave me an excited endorphine rush to see that you were generous in your portions. You gave me $20 of beef instead of the $15 I paid for and all the veggies and deli products were what I had requested and a little bit more. When you didn't have the 550gm box of Special K you sent two 300gm boxes instead at no extra cost. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy. I really should get out more.

One thing I did learn is that I should probably pay a bit more attention to the weight of items I request. I never did realise that putting 1 next to the picture of green string beans meant 1 kilo. I never realized how big a 1 kilo bag of beans was. I think it might very well feed my family for a week. I really wish they liked beans...

And the special offer on that yummy nut cluster, almond and coconut cereal... 99cents a box! Too good to be true I thought but put two in my basket. Yes, they were tiny trial sized boxes. I ate one for lunch. It was pretty good.

And the free sandwich shape cutter you sent with my Bega cheese slices. You excelled yourselves! I had to make a sandwich to try it out. I ate my mummy cow and baby cow with a glass of milk and had memories of pre-school floating around my head. Then I snapped out of it and ate the discarded crusts like my mummy always told me because I want curly hair .

I'm stuffed now and it's only 11am. I truly am a very happy customer. My fridge is overflowing, my belly full and because I ordered a large shop you didn't even charge me a delivery fee.

If I could make just one last suggestion. Perhaps on your web-site you could introduce some recipe ideas for how-to-make-your-family-love-string-beans.

Yours Most Sincerely,

Gina Baynham

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  1. You made me giggle the whole time. ;) I do hope you get through those green beans, maybe you could blanch some and put them in the freezer for another day, in a or month or two.:) xxx

  2. Ha!! Woolworths.... Really? I didn't even think they existed anymore! We do have some kind of shopping online and then they deliver it but I have never tried it! My daughter Beckie does it and loves it too~ Good for you! Green beans almondine is my favorite... did I spell that right?

  3. Made me giggle too. I did the whole online grocery shopping shortly after having my second child. So I know the bliss that it brings. I was impressed with the "no squashed bread" - special little things that go in the box to keep them all nice and dandy. As for the beans I add a few to my son's lunchbox and he loves them - but then he's a little strange. Also you could add them really finely sliced to potato salad for a little crunch.

  4. Hahaha!

    My kids must be freaks as they all LOVE beans, I never seem to buy enough!
    And imagine getting distracted by facebook, that would never happen here...!!

    Sandra x

  5. Lets go back to this fine strapping employee, i might have to do a bit of online shopping at Woolies!!!

  6. How funny! It happens to me too to get lost in little things and suddenly realise that the morning has gone, I know the feeling.
    With green beans you could make a soufflé, they get camouglaged enough and no one will recognise them!

  7. I did the over-order thing with mushrooms once. I want four mushrooms not realising that "1" stood for one lot of 200g. It took a while to get through 800g of them! Enjoy your beans!

  8. Cute post and funny that it's Woolworths, a name we know well in the US and John is familiar with as well.. Our Woolworths never had groceries before they closed in the US.

  9. This is such a funny post - I am giggling my head off!