Saturday, May 10, 2014

10:05:14 Which kiss?

I wish this post was sponsored by Magnums. I wish they had chosen me to taste test any of their limited edition ice-creams. I'd gladly taste-test regular ones, special ones, limited editions, rejected wonky ones. If it is covered in chocolate I'm yer man! 

Alas these were paid for fair and square in the local chip shop by my lovely Mr B. Five limited editions, five members of our family. It was fate in a fancy over-priced box! When it was time to choose we read the descriptions and asked everyone to point at their first choice. Gareth only heard " White Chocolate" and was won over to the Tarte Aux Pommes . Rhiannon was magnetically drawn to Gateau Au Chocolat. Byron went straight for the coffee laced Tiramisu. Sian hovered between Creme Brulee and Meringue Et Fruits Rouges. My finger came in last and knocked Sian's away from the Meringue, her fate was sealed. "First Kiss" it was for our first born, A "Loving Kiss" for Mum, "Passionate" for Mr B, "Flirty" for our gorgeous Rhiannon and "Stolen" for Gar. 

Ah, chocolate and ice-cream on a stick. It doesn't matter what you  call it, what number you assign it. How limited the edition. It's a bloody good combination!

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