Sunday, May 11, 2014

11:05:14 Mother's Day.

It's Mother's Day here in Australia. In Ireland and Wales Mother's Day was in March. It is easy to get caught out with getting cards and gifts to our mothers when the world isn't reminding you at every shop window that Mother's Day is fast approaching. But for Byron and the kids there is no excuse. Everywhere we go the shops are telling us to buy, buy, buy! 

A good friend said to me that for Mother's day all she wants is to have the kids around her and home-made cards. For me it is breakfast in bed and lots and lots of cups of tea! And chocolate! 

The years are going by all too fast. Sian is nearing the end of her school years and this is Gareth's last year in Primary school. For me a perfect day is waking in our house with all my kids under one roof, all healthy, all safe, all loved. The breakfast, the cards, the cups of tea... they are the icing on the cake!

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  1. Happy belated Mother's Day!! I hope you had a beautiful day!! xoxo