Monday, May 19, 2014

19:05:14 Driving log

The law here in Australia is pretty strict on learner drivers. Although they can apply for their learners license at 16 years of age they need to have 120 hours of supervised driving over a minimum of 12 months before they can go on to take their driving test. Each drive, no matter how short, gets logged in a book along with the road conditions, weather, traffic and whether it was daylight or night driving. It's great to see Sians log book filling up with drives that she does with Byron. Before long we will book her in for some lessons with an instructor to make sure we are not passing on any bad habits. I can see a few more grey hairs appearing on Mr B's head over the coming weeks!

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  1. Well done Sian soon be driving Dads new shiny car!!! X Auntie Jul

  2. Well done Sian soon be driving Dads new shiny car!!! X Auntie Jul

  3. We are currently in driver training mode here as well. My son, Trevor, has had his permit since last fall but due to the bad winter and then lacrosse season he hasn't had much driving time. He starts our community college in the fall and I told him I refuse to embarrass him by driving him to college everyday. HAHA!! It's really about me as you probably already know. I don't want that responsibility every day!! : ) Our rules to get your license are much more lax here in the states. You get your permit at sixteen and you can get your license as soon as you sign up for and pass your road test. They also have to take a five hour course on defensive driving which is a good thing. You can't drive after 9:00 pm until you're 18 and are able to have what they call a senior license (unless you're coming from or going to work). You also can't have anyone under the age of 18 in your car until you have your senior license. Best of luck to your new driver-in-training and to your husband and his grey hairs!!! : ) xoxo