Thursday, May 22, 2014

22:05:14 Mother and child

I love this piece of art. It's a life size wood carving of a mother and baby and I think it has been carved from one huge piece of wood. It is on one of the corridors of John Hunter Hospital. When I do my rounds of the wards doing my pre-admission assessments this is my favourite spot to sit for my lunch break. A quick cup of tea and a read through my notes before going off to see the next patient. 

The carving disappeared for a while last year. I remember walking along the corridor and seeing the white plinth sitting empty. There was a sign saying it had been damaged and was under repair. I was so glad when I returned today to see it back again. Having such a beautiful object where people can get up close and run their hands over it, feel it's beauty smooth under their palms is risky. There is always the chance of damage. I wondered when the mother and child were returned if they would be encased a perspex box, protected from future wear and tear? 

It was so good to see it back on its plinth this week, sitting just as it always had. I ran my hands over the soft silky wood and sat down for my break next to it. I think that it's value and beauty is in its accessibility. In how it makes you want to touch it, feel the curves of the wood beneath your hands. I'm really glad the "powers that be" think so too!

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