Tuesday, May 13, 2014

13:05:14 May Altar

I'm so late for this little tradition. During the month of May it is customary for Irish Catholics to make a May Altar. The children in the family go out and pick flowers each day to keep the altar looking pretty for the month in honour of Mary.

I've only made mine this week. It took minutes to put together but sometimes the to-do list gets overwhelmed with such a list of jobs that it makes me afraid to tackle them. A good day with the right attitude and energy can see so many things accomplished. Hopefully today will be one of them!

It has been four years now that I have been making a May Altar in our home. For many years before that I had fallen out of the habit but something happened in 2011 to change that. You can read the blog post "Tears and Gratitude" here...

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  1. I remember the post well!! You are an excellent teacher to your children Gina~ making the alter special, even for less than the month, honors Mary! I love the month of May... for so many reasons!

  2. Better late than never. What a beautiful tradition to keep alive in your home.