Monday, December 01, 2014

01:12:14 A Baltic Christmas.

I love that blogging has introduced me to a whole range of friends from around the world. It is fascinating to read stories of hurricanes in Okinawa, Cultural do's and don'ts when living as an expat in Qatar, or just what another mum is up to with her kids over the school holidays. 

One of the readers of this blog, Liene, was born in America but has American-Latvian heritage. On her blog she is hosting a holiday series called "24 Days of a Baltic Christmas." It will be a countdown to Christmas showcasing Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian holiday food, crafts and traditions. If you are interested in experiencing Christmas from another culture you might enjoy a visit to her blog. I am looking forward to reading her posts over the coming weeks. 

You can find her by clicking on her logo below...

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  1. Thanks Gina! I'm so excited about the upcoming weeks as there are some really cool posts lined up. Today's is the recipe for Latvian Christmas cookies, piparkūkas...

  2. This sounds so interesting. I love reading such a diverse range of blogs (when time permits!)

  3. Thanks for sharing Gina, looks like a lovely blog , just had a peek so going to go back and read more. Love to read about different countries and cultures.x