Sunday, December 21, 2014

21:12:14 An early Christmas

We had a brilliant day today. Christmas lunch get-together at my brothers house. It was so good to see the kids all mixing together and realise that it is getting so much more relaxing as they are growing older. We are able to let them wander off and play together without wondering if someone is up to mischief or trying to escape out a window! 

In fact the only drama today was one of the big kids. My cousin Gareth caught his foot on the corner of a sofa and ended up dislocating his little toe. While the men saw the funny side of it the women were in full on fix it mode. Gareth made it clear he didn't want to call an ambulance so with cheers of encouragement from the men (and offers to find YouTube videos to help guide me) after four failed attempts the toe finally popped back into correct alignment. We have added the story to the volume of tales that will be forever repeated at every family gathering in the future! Each telling and re-telling becoming more exciting and exaggerated! 

Dislocations aside it was a very relaxing day. The food was amazing. So many yummy things to eat, ham on the bone, a Finnish beetroot salad, huge prawns, fresh cut bread. Followed by present giving and then Christmas pudding and custard. Maybe it is living so far from home that makes time with relatives so special. As with all family get-togethers we missed those family members that weren't there to share the fun but we raised a toast to them all, near and far. 

We are a very lucky family to have so many good people in our lives. People we can laugh with and hug, raise toasts to and depend on (even if that means being ridiculed as you holler in pain while someone pulls on your foot like a crazy tug-of-war!) 

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”– Oscar Wilde

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