Wednesday, December 17, 2014

17:12:14 The end of an era...

Today was a day of celebration. A day of goodbyes. A day of hugs and thank-yous. Today my baby finished Primary school. The big fish in the small pond are preparing to become the small fish in the big ocean! 

I wandered around the school smiling and waving at kids I know and teachers that have been a part of our lives since we arrived in Australia. Almost every week for nine years I have come in to do reading with my friends. We have seen hesitant kids transform with time and patience into confident expressive readers. After our weekly reading we have gone to a local cafe and had an hour of chatting and putting the world to rights. I feel like it's not just Gareth and his friends moving on but us mums too. 

Just as my heart was feeling heavy I remembered the words of my friend. I'm Godmother to her daughter who is not even due to start at the school for another couple of years. We did the maths together counting the years on our fingers until my Goddaughter will leave year six. 2023! 

And so I enjoyed the day and with a lighter heart watched Gareth enjoying the well wishes of the younger students. I was so happy to see him smile and enjoy this last special day. 

A new era is about to begin in the Baynham household. Bring it on!

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