Monday, December 22, 2014

22:12:14 Snowflake

When I saw images on Pinterest of beautifully iced snowflake biscuits I wanted one of the cookie cutters ASAP. They are available very cheap on-line but you have to wait 4-6 weeks for economy delivery. I was impatient and willing to pay more to get it quickly so I could use it this year. I ordered one on my phone from an Australian seller on Ebay on my work lunch break and it was in my letter box the following morning. I certainly got my $9 value from it and used the cookies as teacher gifts at the end of term. 

Then this weekend I was in my local Woolies and I saw an offer. If you bought a recipe magazine you got a free baking tray and three cutters, an angel, a star and.... a snowflake! 

I couldn't resist as the snowflake was slightly different in shape to mine. The magazine only cost $3.50 so I indulged. The $9 cutter is on the left and the free one is on the right. It's a subtle difference alright and I'm sure if I had seen the magazine offer I wouldn't have ordered my ebay one! 

Never mind, I have had fun with mine and have had my monies worth with the cookies it has helped me to make!

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