Friday, December 19, 2014

19:12:14 Happy Birthday Myles

I am lucky enough to be God-mother to two wonderful children. A little girl around the corner and a fantastic teenage boy in the UK. They are both very different and both very dear to me. Today I am celebrating the birthday of my God-son Myles. This year he becomes a teenager. I really enjoyed seeing him when we stayed with his family in the UK in January. He has grown and changed since I last saw him but he is still essentially the same, funny person that I remember.

Happy Birthday Myles,
You are growing into an amazing young man. 
I'd love to take some of the credit for it but I think you owe it all to your wonderful Mum and Dad!
I know we live on opposite sides of the world but if there is ever anything I can do for you I'm only a text message away.
Love you,
G xoxo

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