Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!! (By Cathy again! )

After a quick visit around the new house with plenty of aahhhhs and ooohhhhhhhs, All suitably impressed (further details of the mirrored ceiling to follow....) it was off to Anne and Kel's house.

Kel's friend Peter and his daughter Kelly very kindly brought their baby Kangaroo "Molly" for the kids to meet. It seemed a bit surreal to have a baby Kangaroo bouncing around Annes house but everyone was thrilled to get a cuddle of a real live Kangaroo.

Molly seemed very interested in Gareths lunch bag and all the kids now think that Kangaroos live on a diet of bannanas!
Kelly also brought three Guinea Pigs to the kids delight, two of which were nearly smuggled into Gina's car at home time! Rhiannon seemed to have a noticable bulge in her turned up skirt hem as she left the house and Sian was counting her pocket money and asking if we could go to the pet shop on the way home....

Before we left for Australia the boys had been asking for a pet fish but now the stakes have been raised and I am broody for a baby............


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