Sunday, April 29, 2007


Cathy, This blog is for you!

I have heard many, many times that although many of you enjoy reading this blog it has a tendancy to be a little "sugar-coated"

I am the first to admit that I don't put everything up here like a true factual diary, just the fun and interesting things that I think friends and family will enjoy reading. Do you really want to see the photos or read the graphic description of the nasty tummy bug that hit all our family and the Woodruffs over the last three weeks?....I didn't think so!

However today I thought I would show you the first pictures of our lovely new house since we moved in.....

Lovely, Isn't it?

You can really see the potential can't you?

Actually, I think if I could ever see the floors again I would be happy! All that you see of this beautiful new house from the moment you walk in the front door is boxes, boxes and half emptied/spilled out boxes.
It is such a mess I don't honestly know where to begin.

We managed to loose a set of car keys tonight and a set of keys to the new front door, who knows when they will ever be seen again. I have also lost the cheque book, one of Rhiannons sports shoes, the bedside light for Rhiannons bedroom, my razor...

I could go on but I think you probably get the idea by now! I guess I could be spending the time that I am sitting here blogging to make a start on this mess but then my next blog would be all sweetness and light with photos of a beautifully unpacked and organised house and you lot would all be grumbling again about that perfect life down-under.

But now you know, my secret is out, I'm not 100% perfect.

Well maybe if I could find my razor and shaved my legs......

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  1. Thanks Gina, it's nice to know you're human!..However I do notice you showed the garage & utility which are allowed to be messy anyway!! Just glad I don't have to put my house on a blog at the moment! As for the legs, just pretend your German and enjoy the extra warmth! Love Cathy