Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sydney: By Cathy.

Saturday was 'Sydney day', we all got up 'relatively' early to get the train for our trip to the big city. After a 2 hour journey, we arrived at our destination, eager to 'do' the attractions, accompanied by seasoned tour guides.

To our delight we saw Byron's friend Charles outside the station and Myles gave him a few bob for his latest CD as he was looking a little weathered and his make up was running in the rain.

Derek was determined that the priorities were coffee, the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and coffee in that order.
Fortunately Gina & Byron knew the perfect place with views of all the above. Unfortunately it was raining kangaroos and dingos.

Feeling 'refreshed' we set off up the steps to the Opera House to take a closer look. It was amazing to see it and we posed for photos, as Byron 'helped' out with the buggy. I wonder if we're beginning to get on his nerves?

Gina and Myles on the other hand were having a great gas!

A fantastic day was had by all as we whizzed around on boats, trains and trams and now I think of it Byron did lie down under the mono rail!?

On the way back Gina and myself had the pleasure of our 6 tired children's company, while Derek & Byron amused themselves (loudly) and all the other train passengers with a book of Auz-isms, (explanations of Australian slang). It was a long journey home!

Thanks again Mr & Mrs B for another excellent day.

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