Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Rhiannon!

Today is Rhiannons 7th Birthday. She woke up very early and was hyper when we called her into our room. For her Birthday she wanted to have her ears pierced and to have a small toy. We got her ears pierced at the weekend and she is so proud of them! She got some tiny white crystal stones and although she went very quiet when they did them she didn't cry.

When we were at a local toy shop she went all gooey over a large stuffed Winnie The Pooh toy. We managed to smuggle it to the till in a kitchen rubbish bin (without being done for shoplifting!) and she was so pleased when she saw it this morning.

Thank you to everyone who rang her so early this morning. It was a very international group of phone calls from Australia, Ireland and even a phone box in Lanzarote where Granny and Grandad Joe are on holidays! Thank you also to everyone who sent cards and presents. She really loved them all. She wore Granny and Grandads rashy suit at breakfast, Cathys trendy top after school and Auntie Karens pjs to bed!

At school this morning she was given her Birthday Certificate at the morning Assembly. She looked very shy. She was allowed to bring Pooh bear into her classroom for a few minutes while we gave her teacher the tray of cup cakes to share out with the class. He had to come home in the car with me though as there wasn't enough room for two on her little classroom chair!

With all the chaos here in the house of boxes we couldn't find a birthday candle anywhere so we stuck a tea light on her cake!

She has gone off to bed a happy and contented 7 year old!

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