Thursday, April 19, 2007

Byrons New Sofa!

Byron was very excited this morning because today was the day that he had arranged delivery of "his" new sofa! I was hoping to delay its arrival until next week because we still had tradesmen all over the house laying carpets, cleaning tiles etc. I thought next week would be calmer but we all know what Mr B is like when he gets excited about something.....!

The men had to bring it around the back of the house to squeeze it through the sliding doors. Within seconds of it touching the ground Byron was all over it like a child opening his Christmas presents!!! Plastic wrap and cardboard was flying left right and center and the end result is fantastic! The sofa seems to fit the room perfectly! I have even (grudgingly) admited that I am glad we didn't wait till next week to have it delivered!
Only one small problem remains.....
A particularly "small" problem indeed....
The size of the TV!

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  1. no doubt we will soon be seeing a state of the art flat screen with surround sound - the whole "cha bang!!" if Mr B has his say! House looking great - careful you may get too many people wanting to come over and see the new pad!